As we continue the celebration of generosity and giving for this Christmas in July, we would like to share with you crafters another two stories that we feel perfectly sum up the spirit of this summery festive season. 

Nothing cheers people up more than receiving a unique gift from a loved one that shows that you'll always be there for them. It can be a completed diamond painting they can look at to be reminded of you or a kit they can work on to relax after a difficult day. 

Either way, it's the gesture that will warm their hearts.  

Here is a sweet story from Amandajane

“My story is about helping a friend who was in a bad way and needed a way to take their mind off the demons inside their head. The young man knocked at my door and asked for help so I let him in and we went into the kitchen and I put the kettle on we talked for over three hours. He cried, he screamed and he laughed and I knew me talking to him would eventually calm him down. So I said ‘why don’t you try diamond painting to take your mind off things?’ 


So I decided to let him look at my stock pile and choose a picture he liked and he was over the moon that I would let him have one of my paintings. He left my house happy and loved diamond painting just as much as I do.” 

What we love about Amandajane’s story:

When life gets difficult, it’s very important to have something that can help us take our minds off things. Amandajane didn’t hesitate on sharing her passion for diamond crafting with her friend who wished to take a break from negative thoughts. 

This little moment was exactly what he needed and now he has a beautiful diamond painting to always remember Amandajane's love and care!  

Another lovely story from Bowser

“Recently my friend was telling me about the lovely new house that she and her family had recently bought and how excited they were to finally be moving in. Something of note I found important was how big her daughters’ room was and how the girls were so excited to be setting it up. As I was relatively new to Diamond Art at this point, it was very fresh on my mind and immediately I knew what I wanted to do for my friend, of whom has been by my side for years. Without telling her, I ordered a large Diamond Art of two cute, happy little puppies - of which reminded me of my friends’ lovely little girls. It was perfect; the daughters could look up at the artwork and be reminded of the bond they share. 

After rushing to finish it because I was so excited, I finally presented it to her early one morning and the look on her face was priceless! Mouth agape, wide eyes, it sent me into a fit of laughter! She was absolutely stunned; tears started building up in the corners of her eyes. She was so thankful and hung it up in her daughters’ bedroom as soon as she got home. According to her, her daughters argued over whose side of the room it was going to be hung on! (The eldest daughter won, of course!) Now it watches over them and gives them good luck and warm, happy feelings, much like the effect my friend has on me.” 

What we love about Bowser’s story:

What a sweet and perfect gift for Bowser’s friend, the beauty of arts and crafts is exactly how you can always find something that suits everyone’s taste. From her reaction, you can tell that such a unique gesture will always stay with her and her daughters! 

Gifting her something that reminds her of what a wonderful effect she has on Bowser is exactly the type of gift that everyone wishes to receive. 

Treat Yourself... 

Now that you have read all the stories our lovely crafters have submitted for July (or if you missed our first feature, find it here), it's up to you to share some kindness and love! No need to wait for a birthday or another special occasion, remind those important people in your life how much you care about them today. You can check out the Easy Whim store to get inspired!