Diamond painting requires a lot of patience and ideally a careful and steady hand. While it feels satisfying to complete a picture exactly like you are meant to, we’re all humans and therefore prone to occasionally making mistakes, even when we are so focused on placing those gems right into their places!

It happens to everyone, newbies and experts alike. Sometimes a diamond painting just doesn’t go as planned. Before you think of throwing out a half finished project because you are frustrated, here are a few little useful tips and tricks which could help you turn that frown upside down!

Diamonds That Don’t Stay Attached

No matter how much precision you put into applying diamonds to your canvas, sometimes they are simply too stubborn to stay in in place. Finding one of them laying on the floor hours after you have completed the painting can be very annoying. It's important to realise it’s not always a sign that the glue you used didn’t work.

 Solution - When you have completed a painting you should always leave it standing up. During this time if any of the  gems misbehave and fall out of their spot, you can  use a toothpick to press them back into their squares. 

Diamonds That Have Escaped

We’ve all had that clumsy moment where the diamonds that were spread on the table have now ended up covering the floor. This wasn't what you had in mind for a relaxing few hours of craft.... Frustrating and Annoying!

 Solution - Don't Panic!  While you might be tempted to collect diamonds one by one, but there is an easier way to get them back to one spot. If you have modern sweepers you can use static to attract the gems, as they are made of resin. Hence that they easily stick to the sheet and you can get them back to your craft station in no time. 

Gems That Don’t Look Straight


You are carefully working on your diamond painting when suddenly you look at it from distance and notice that one or two rows look a bit unusual or out of place. Some of the diamonds that you perfectly placed decided to not to remain straight and in place like the others.

 Solution - You've still got time to fix this mistake, all you need is get a pair of tweezers to gently push those gems back to a straight line. Always make sure that you have a good overview of your painting as you keep working on it . This practise will help you notice any misplaced gems. Its so much easier to fix your painting before the glue has  dried out! 

There is Something Missing!

 Considering how small those diamonds are, it’s a miracle if one manages to not lose any of them! This issue is very common and nothing to worry about, thankfully there are plenty more diamonds from where they came from.

 Solution - you can simply contact us to get spares of the colour you are missing. Or to avoid this problem altogether, get a kit with numerous different colours so that if you ever happen to lose a diamond, you  will always have spares to replace it!

Not The Color You Wanted

During the creative process of choosing your diamond colours, you might have accidentally chosen colours that don't match the squares. You suddenly discover that your  painting looks a bit odd. Don't worry, there is nothing that can’t be easily fixed with some patience and a steady hand.

 Solution - once again, a pair of tweezers come in handy. Use your tweezers to unpick  gems of the wrong coluor, making sure that you don’t damage the canvas as you remove them. Be gentle but at the same time be determined to pull out the wrong coloured diamonds. To prevent this happening the next time, you might like to try working on one colour at a time. This will avoid you being confused between the many different colours.

The Canvas Is Not Flat Anymore

  It’s pretty common to fold a diamond painting when you are storing it away, after all it’s such a simple way to make space for more diamond painting kits! The problem comes when you try to unfold it again and are faced with the worry that your painting might never look as flat as it did before.

 Solution - you have a simple fix right in your kitchen: the rolling pin! Use a rolling pin or a roller to go over the whole image to flatten i. This also ensures no gems fall out of place. Make sure you use protective sheet covering your painting before running the roller over your diamonds. If using the roller still doesn’t straighten your painting,  you can try the good old method of placing a few books over the painting after you put a protective sheet or cloth over it.

Treat Yourself... 

The main thing you should take out of this article is that everyone can make mistakes when working on a diamond painting and that enjoying your creative time is always more important than achieving perfection! There are no mistakes that can’t be fixed and if at the end of your projects you’re not fully satisfied with your work still give yourself a pat on the back for finishing a whole diamond painting and give your piece of art another chance!

 Sometimes if you look at something for too long you end up only seeing the flaws, so take a break and look at the picture once again with fresh eyes and we’re sure you’ll fall in love with it all over again. Then, get ready to move onto the next big creative project and keep spreading the fun of diamond painting.