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Looking for a new way to stay organized while you work on your multiple diamond painting projects? Interested in trying out new patterns that are perfectly themed around fall and winter, so that you can get right into the Halloween and Christmassy mood? 

We have just launched our exclusive Mega Sale which gets you not only one, but two eBooks for FREE (The Log Book and the brand new Pattern Collection). Download them instantly when you reach $30 across diamond painting kits and accessories and enjoy keeping track of every aspect of your project while you try out a fun pattern! 

Learn more about what the Log Book and Pattern Collection Autumn/Winter 2019 eBooks offer below.

The Log Book

How many times have you looked back on a project you finished months ago and, as you tried to recall some aspects of the work you put into it, failed to remember? It’s no wonder that you might struggle to keep all those details in mind, most diamond painting enthusiasts have so many projects on the go that keeping track of everything gets increasingly difficult as you complete more paintings.

The only thing worse than that is trying to remember where you bought or who you gifted that amazing diamond painting to! 

Say goodbye to that worry, the Log Book is here to help you out. When you download this eBook, you can keep a record of up to 50 projects. Write down the names of your diamond paintings, where you got them from and even when you bought them! 

Rate the level of difficulty of each diamond painting so that next time you can either step things up with a more difficult pattern or remind yourself that you should take a break and go for a more easy one. By rating your painting experience, you’ll have a better idea of what you prefer and start dedicating more time to working on diamond painting projects that are your favorites and avoid the ones that are only frustrating. 

Additionally, you can write down important details such as the canvas size, the shape of diamonds, the total number of colors, the total number of drills, and the total number of days and hours that it took you to complete the painting. 

Nothing more satisfying than looking at one of your favorite paintings hanging in the living room, knowing that all of your hard work and time spent on it has paid off!If you sell your paintings, then you can also keep track of how much you sold each one for or if you turned any of them into gifts, then you can remind yourself of who you gave them to. 

Complete the log with any final notes, detailing anything that you reckon is important for you to remember for future projects.The Log Book is a fun way to not only stay organized but to also see the incredible progress you have made during your crafting journey!

DP Pattern Collection

Get inspired by the latest Pattern Collection eBook, exploring 15 new patterns themed around the fall and winter seasons, with a touch of spooky Halloween designs and sweet Christmassy images! 

Exercise your crafting skills by facing the blank canvas and following any of the patterns available in this eBook. All you need to get started is to grab your spare diamonds or buy one of our blank canvas kits (for passionate painters!) to make sure that you have all you need for the project you want to take on. These kits also help you choose whether you would rather work with round or square diamonds. 

Each design has a size chart that shows the symbols, the DMC numbers and the number of diamonds needed for each color. Pick the design that you prefer, either getting ready in advance with the perfect Christmas gift or preparing to decorate your home with the right spooky vibe thanks to the Halloween themed patterns.  

Whether you’d like to work on recreating the image of a scary pumpkin, of the lovely Santa Clause or a snowy scenic wintery landscape, there is something for everyone. 

 This Pattern Collection is the ideal challenge for those diamond painters that want to tackle something new and more difficult than standard diamond painting kits. The best gift you can get afterward is to admire your beautiful and sparkly achievement that can either work as a great present for a loved one or as a new decorative piece in your home! 

Treat Yourself... 

It’s time to change the way you work on your diamond painting projects, while you tackle some new seasonally-themed patterns.