Creative hobbies can do truly amazing things - like lifting our spirits, creating beautiful shared moments when we enjoy art together and delighting our loved ones with cherished handmade gifts. At Easy Whim, our passion for all things creative is driven by the idea that crafts have the ability to change the world...and our customers are living proof!

Over the past few months we’ve received countless stories of how diamond painting has created big change in our customer’s lives, from bringing comfort during times of illness to inspiring new friendships. Today we’re back with two stories that show the transformative power of creativity....and they’re bound to put a smile on your face!

Our first story comes from Denise McCool, who wrote us...

“I am a disabled woman of 62 and I was at my wits end trying to cope with debilitating daily pain. When someone suggested I try a hobby to keep my mind off my pain, I tried several crafts but became either bored or frustrated with each one I tried...until I found Diamo
nd Paintings. When working on my first DP I noticed that when I diamond painted my pain lessened. I even told my pain management doctor who confirmed that you can trick your brain into blocking pain signals by focusing on a task. I was hooked on DP’ing and the more time I spent diamond painting, the less medication I had to take to manage my pain! My husband is amazed as I was taking serious amounts of narcotics just to get through the day.”

Denise’s story is proof that craft time can be just what the doctor ordered! It’s truly remarkable how creative hobbies can improve not only our mental state, but our physical health as well. Diamond painting is especially perfect for those struggling with disability or illness - its ease and accessibility makes it the perfect therapeutic outlet for people like Denise who struggle with other craft projects. We were touched and amazed to read that diamond painting was a real contributor to her pain management, and we hope that her story inspires others add “creative time” to their daily health routine!

Our next customer story about the power of crafts comes from Karen Peter, who shared...

“Crafting has helped me cope with depression and anxiety for many years now. I started out crocheting and then learned scrapbooking, stamping, quilling, glass painting, knitting, jewelry making and now diamond painting - which I absolutely love! Crafting helps me to focus on something other than what is depressing me or causing anxiety.

 It also gives me such a wonderful feeling when I give my projects as gifts, which I almost always do. Crafting gives everyone a chance to make new friends through classes. I have found that teaching my friends what I know has brought us even closer because now we work on projects together. I don't know how I could survive without my crafts!”

Artistic expression can be our greatest ally in times of hardship and give us the peace and strength we need to navigate life’s difficulties...and Karen’s story is the perfect example! Not only did diamond painting help her focus on pleasant feelings, but it also provided a key element of overcoming depression - social support.

In fact, many of our customers have expressed that the simple act of giving handmade gifts and sharing crafts with friends have brought more joy into their lives and those of their loved ones. That’s why Easy Whim is always hard at work to make the creative experience more affordable, convenient, and full of exciting variety!

No matter what type of craft time you crave, Easy Whim has a variety of exciting projects to make your life brighter. Check out some of our favorite stress-melting, relaxation-boosting projects just waiting to be explored!

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