Difficult Diamonds?

Not Anymore!!!

Drills lifting off of your canvas? Diamonds stuck together that just won’t come apart?!

These are the most common (but pesky!) problems that can challenge even the most experienced diamond painter. Sometimes those little diamonds can be less cooperative than we’d like at craft time! 

 Luckily, today we’re here to show you our favorite solutions to those dastardly drill problems! We’re going to share the most handy “tools of the trade” designed to make even the most stubborn little gems cooperate...which means a more smooth and satisfying craft time experience! 

 First up is our favorite tool for securing stubborn drills, The Diamond Roller!

The Diamond Roller

There’s nothing more frustrating than carefully applying each diamond...only to notice some of them falling back off of the canvas! Square drill paintings are especially prone to popping drills because each gem must be perfectly positioned. If a diamond is askew, it puts pressure on the surrounding diamonds and tries to budge them out of the way...resulting in those pesky lifting drills!

Our flexible Diamond Roller puts those renegade gems securely back into place by applying smooth, even force. This rolling action re-distributes the pressure among the drills, restoring evenness and creating a firm hold that lasts and lasts!

Did you know that using a Diamond Roller can also help you diamond paint faster and with less hand strain? Instead of forcefully pushing each drill onto the canvas for a tight fit, place it lightly onto the surface. Then, when you’re finished with a section, give the whole area a few sweeps with the Diamond Roller to lock everything into place. 

You’ll be able to diamond paint faster, for longer sessions and more comfortably! 

For our next difficult diamond solution, let’s take a look at the pocket-sized wonder that separates even the most stubbornly stuck together drills with ease...The Drill Grinder!

The Drill Grinder

Just like real diamonds, the diamonds in your painting kits aren’t always perfect...and sometimes you’ll be faced with drills that are hopelessly stuck together! Getting those fused drills apart can be quite the challenge, and breaking them loose without damaging them is even harder! 

 Instead of risking damage to your gems, you can quickly and easily separate them with our Drill Grinder! Simply drop your stuck-together drills into the toothed chamber, close the lid, then twist and shake the grinder gently. The spiky inner surface firmly but gently separates the drills so that they come out of the grinder in perfect shape and ready to be applied to your canvas! 

 The best part? The Drill Grinder (and The Diamond Roller!) are petite and portable, making them perfect for solving your diamond difficulties no matter where craft time takes you! Tuck these handy tools into your tote or pocket and you’ll be confidently crafting on the go.