Regardless of the time of year, there's always a reason to show your love, appreciate or affection for others. 

Whether the gift is for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, thank you or just a kind act for a friend or loved one, gifts don't necessarily have to be all about buying something expensive. More often than not, it's really the thought that went into the gift that actually counts.

If you're a naturally creative person like us, you probably are eager to use your creativity and craftiness to make a truly special present. One that no amount of money can buy, and that means more because you put thought and time into it. 

Are you dying to make something but feeling a bit stuck on gift ideas? We're here to help. Below you can find a list of ideas that would make the best personalized gift for your that special someone. 


No matter how long you’ve known someone, it’s always nice to be reminded of what exactly we like and love so much about someone. Think of what makes your gift recipient special to you and use the inspiration to make this unique gift. 

Get any kind of deck of cards you have available, some sheets of paper, glue and a marker pen. Cut that paper in the same size as the cards, so that you can easily stick them over each one.

On that paper, you can write down all the things you love or like about your intended recipient to make the deck a simple and sweet little book they can read when they need an extra boost. To turn it into a book, simply punch holes on all the cards and use either wire, plastic coils or even string to tie them together. 


Want to display a special message just for your romantic partner in a truly original way? All you need is a wooden board, adhesive paper, paint and corks. This is an excellent way to recycle your old corks and turn them into something beautiful.

Start by painting their tips different shades of red (they will combine together into a love heart). Then, cut out the adhesive paper so that it spells out whichever message you want to share and apply it to the wooden board.

Finally, attach your painted corks so that from distance they look like a beautiful heart, making an original 3D love sign. 


If you like to play with yarn, then this one is for you. What you’ll need to get started is a piece of wood that will act as your canvas, string or yarn of any color you prefer, a box of nails, paint and paper. If you like, you can paint the wooden board any color you want or leave it like that, while you can use the paper to draw an outline of a heart. Use that to figure out where all the nails go and once they are in place, start tying the string or yarn around it until it looks like the figure you have in mind.

You can do the same to re-create any other image you can think of that would look good made out of yarn, including letters. 


This one is a fun and original way to display some of the best pictures of you and the recipient.  All you’ll need to make it is a small flower pot or bowl, some foam, a couple of trees’ branches you can find outside, glue, some pins and any little things you’d like to add as extra decoration.

Start by cutting the foam in a way that fits inside the pot, use it then to secure the branches in a way that looks like a sweet little tree. Next, you can cover up the foam by gluing to it any beads, heart-shaped pebbles (for those romantic gift makers) and more.

 Finally, pin all the pictures you chose to the branches and choose how to best display them. Make it even more special by decorating the pot or hanging any other cute thing you can find.  

Works perfectly for friends, family and romantic partners - select your theme of pebble and pin's to suit. 


Do you own a box full of Jenga blocks that you rarely use? Why not spice things up by turning it into a fun friendship game. Get some paint and marker pens, and come up with some dares, questions or simple declarations that you can write down on each block. Then, come up with a pattern so that you know which is which and paint the ends of the blocks with the appropriate colors.

That’s it, you’re now ready to surprise your intended recipient with a fun game to enjoy together! 


If you’ve already made or bought a gift but still want to incorporate an element of creative DIY in it, try out this original idea to edit a simple gift wrapping paper.

All you need to make it is a paper-knife, a sharpie and some glittery paper. Start by using the sharpie to draw a love heart over what you are wrapping your gift with. Then, proceed by using the paper-knife to cut out half of that heart. Glue the glittery paper right underneath it and repeat this same process all over the gift wrapping paper.

The final result will add both an element of 3D to your gift. 

If you're a Diamond Painter, you could use left of Drills or Bedazzled Gems to really add some sparkle to it. 


It's always a great occasion to celebrate friendship! Take this chance to remind your closest friend(s) how much they mean to you with a personalized DIY gift. No need to wait until it's their birthday, friendships are just as important as romantic relationships and deserve similar amounts of celebration!

 You can take the ideas listed above and edit them to suit you and your bestie quite easily. Surprise them with a little book that reminds her how much you appreciate everything they has ever done for you. Or craft a sweet message that lets them know you'll always be there for them. Hearts aren't just for couples!

 We hope that those gift ideas have got you excited to create a truly unique gift. Festivities are the best time of the year to show off your creativity and remind those who mean the most to you how special they are. It's time to spread the love with crafts, have fun!