The Canvas Is Not Flat Anymore

It’s pretty common to receive a Diamond Painting folded and to fold it again when you are storing it away, after all it’s such a simple way to make space for more diamond painting kits! The problem comes when you try to unfold it again and are faced with the worry that your painting might never look as flat as it did before.

 Solution - you have a simple fix right in your kitchen: the rolling pin! Use a rolling pin or a roller to go over the whole image to flatten it. This also ensures no gems fall off. Make sure you use a protective sheet (food wrap or baking paper works well) covering your painting before running the roller over your diamonds. If using the roller still doesn’t straighten your painting,  you can try the good old method of placing a few books over the painting after you put a protective sheet or cloth over it and leaving it for one to two days.

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