Did you know that it’s National Craft Month?!

Whether you’re a diamond painting fanatic, cross-stitch queen, fantastic fiber artist, or are just all-around “craft-crazed” -- this month is for YOU!

To celebrate the spirit of Craft Month, we wanted to feature a fresh and exciting creative tool that we know most of our subscribers haven’t tried (or even heard of!) yet. It’s the perfect new hobby to shake up your craft-time routine, discover new inspiration, and let your imagination totally run wild...

Introducing the 3D Smart Pen!

This versatile tool combines doodling, sculpture, and functional art into one handheld package.

Feed the polymer filament into the 3D Smart Pen, squeeze the button, and use the moldable material extruded from the tip to create art in a whole new dimension!

So...what can you create with the 3D Smart Pen?

The better question would be...what CAN’T you create with our 3D Smart Pen?!

When we say that the possibilities are endless, we mean it! The only limit to what you can create is the size of your imagination. Here are just a few examples of creative ways to put your 3D Smart Pen To Work:

  • Figurines + sculptures
  • Jewelry + wearable art
  • Architectural models
  • Scrapbooking embellishments
  • Dollhouse accessories
  • Costume elements
  • Decorative containers
  • Head-turning lampshades
Functional home crafts ... like coasters, phone cases, cable holders, and more!

    The Most Versatile and Complete 3D-Maker System

    While some 3D pens on the market only dispense polymer at one speed, our 3D Smart Pen allows you to adjust the speed for even more creative freedom.

    Experiment with different speeds to create different levels of detail in your 3D projects. Not only that, but it also has the added feature of variable temperature settings as well! This gives you the versatility to adjust the temperature to the type of filament you’re using, ensuring a smooth-flowing experience.

    Our kit comes complete with all the extras you need to jump right into hours upon hours of imaginative fun.

    You’ll receive 30ft (9M) of filament in 3 colors, a copy board, 2 paper models for practicing, a user manual, and a power adapter. 

    Fun for The Whole Family - And Made Safe for Kids!

    Our 3D Smart Pen was designed with safety in mind! Advanced cooling technology keeps the pen body and tip a safe handling temperature, and the automatic standby mode cools the device when not in use for 5 minutes. That means you can feel good letting your kids join in the creative fun!

    Unlike other 3D Pens in the market, our 3D Pen uses PLA filaments made from sugarcane and cornstarch - completely organic materials! Other pens use ABS filament, which release unpleasant plastic fumes. PLA is safer than ABS, and it’s easier and more convenient to use for 3D crafting, too! Plus, it’s all wrapped up in an ergonomic, easy-to-hold design that hands both young and old with feel comfortable gripping for hours on end.

    Ready to bring your imagination to life in 3D? Click below to grab your 3D Smart Pen in our store!

    Don’t forget...we carry filament refills in our store as well. And you’ll need it - once you start playing with your 3D pen, you won’t be able to stop! ;)