It's always the perfect time for a serious style upgrade. Not just for yourself, but for your home decor, too! Luckily, you’re an arts and crafts fanatic and have no shortage of colorful options to reinvent your space.

Those dazzling diamond paintings you completed but never got around to framing? The finished paint-by-numbers and canvas prints that have been tucked away for months? Don’t let your most beautiful works of art go unloved!

Today we’re here to showcase the ultimate solution that turns framing from an expensive, time-consuming chore into a fun DIY project that anyone can complete in minutes! Our Canvas Stretcher Bars transform your finished works of art into sleek, gallery-style framed pieces that add new life to your walls.

Let’s take a look at the top 3 reasons why our Easy Canvas Stretcher Bars are the best choice for getting your masterpieces ready for display...

The Easiest Way To Dazzle Your Decor

Who says big style transformations have to be a BIG production? Not us! We believe that reinventing your home decor should be a delight, not a time-consuming chore. Our Canvas Stretcher Bars take the extra effort, multiple trips to the store, and clumsy materials out of the equation and put the FUN back into framing!

Framing with our Canvas Stretcher Bars makes for a quick, easy, and satisfying DIY project that anyone can complete - even kids! No fancy tools, messy glue, or expert skills needed. Just breeze through 5 simple steps and you’ll be proudly admiring your finished piece and feeling like a framing master.

It’s time to spend less time decorating and more time listening to the oohs! and ahhs! of your family and guests as they admire your handcrafted works of art. Just be warned - they probably won’t believe you when you tell them you framed them yourself!

More Bling for Your Buck

If you’re an avid diamond painter, there is a good chance you finish pieces faster than you can get them framed. Just *thinking* of framing your collection of finished masterpieces is enough to make your wallet shrink in anticipation. Why? Custom framing from the big craft chains and local shops costs an arm and a leg. No wonder so many diamond painters end up with a stack of finished pieces that never make it onto their walls! That’s where our Canvas Stretcher Bars come to the rescue...


No More Custom Framing! Use Easy Canvas Stretcher Bars Instead


For the cost of custom framing ONE medium-sized art project, you can frame FIVE projects of the same size with our canvas stretcher bars. That means more bang for your buck and bling for your walls!

Style That Can Stand The Test of Time

Let’s face it - some of us have more “energetic” households than others. Kids, pets, even frequent entertaining or parties in a home can increase the chance of life’s little accidents happening.

Our Canvas Stretcher Bars beautifully frame art without glass. That means NO dangerous and difficult to clean mess of shattered glass if your framed art gets bumped, dropped, or knocked down! The lightweight and sturdy wooden construction of our stretcher bars ensure that your glittering new home decor will stand up to life’s less graceful moments.


How will YOU transform your space this year? Click here to find the perfect size Canvas Stretcher Bars for your finished art and get your interior decor makeover under way!

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