The world of crafts offers plenty of hobbies to entertain ourselves and learn something new. Any of these creative practices allows us to relax, make something beautiful for ourselves or others, and most of all have fun. However, deciding which craft would be best for you to try can be difficult when you have so many choices available!

Here’s a little guide on some of the most popular crafts and how you can get started to help you decide.


Sometimes, taking things slowly and really focusing on one simple and repetitive action can be really therapeutic. If that’s how you feel, then crochet could be a great hobby for you to try out. Plus, you can create a variety of things with it that both you and your loved ones can enjoy! To get started, you need to get a crochet hook and any colored yarn you like.

Once you have your tools, you’ll be focusing on learning how to do the main stitches that will be needed to work on any project you pick.


Can’t get enough of the lovely scented smells of soaps? Then why not start making your own ones! Figuring out the best mix of ingredients that make up a lovely new soap bar can be incredibly satisfying, and relaxing. This is also another one that allows you to create some amazing gifts for your loved ones.

To get started, you should work with easy recipes that limit their ingredients to just a few, and then get more complex as you begin to get used to making soap.


Do you have a good eye for beautiful designs and prints? Do you think you would know how to best combine them together? Then quilting could be your best bet. By quilting, you can create all kinds of objects with the fabrics and colors you like.

It does require you to sew but the good news is that you don’t need to be a wizard at sewing to get started. Take your time, start small and have fun choosing the best fabrics you can find.  


Do you enjoy how relaxing working with a needle can be but not interested in sewing? Then embroidery can be a great option for you. It’s really creative and once you get good at it, that blank fabric canvas can be transformed into anything you like. Plus, they make really unique gifts and home decorations.

To get started, you’ll need to get all the essentials such as the embroidery hoop, floss, needles, and any fabric of your choice. Before you start making up your own patterns, is best if you try out recreating ones that are available online or in books.     


This is a great craft not only because by the end of any project you’ve gained a beautiful painting to decorate your home, but also because it’s really accessible to everyone. You don’t need any previous experience to get started or tools that might be difficult to acquire, as everything you’ll need to work on your projects is usually included in the kit you order.

Your main job as a beginner is deciding which painting you’d like to work on, and ideally focusing on a small one to start out with (you wouldn’t want to get overwhelmed by working on a massive painting as your first project, trust us!).


You can browse our many beginners’ diamond painting kits on our website and get started today. Any day is a great day to be creative!

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