Everyday we are asked “what’s the difference between round and square diamonds, and which is better?"

This is a very popular discussion in our Facebook Group with very passionate fans of each shape having good reason for their preference. Below you can read all about the special characteristics of each Diamond Shape and what this means for your Diamond Painting!

So, what is the big deal?

​The shape of the diamond alters the painting process, complexity and end visual result.

​This means, depending on your choice both the ease of painting and visual appearance of the completed painting will be different.

​Firstly, the grid patterns of the canvas are different to suit each shape diamond, you can see an example below.

​This means you cannot use Square Diamonds on a Canvas printed for Round, and vice versa!

Round vs Square Diamond Grid Easy Whim

Round Diamonds

Round Diamonds are favored by many as they do not require as much precision.​

As they naturally have small gaps between them the painting is achieved without needing to paint in straight lines or with the groove of the Diamonds Aligned.

​This means they can be completed a bit quicker than Square Paintings and are more forgiving of small mistakes.

Round Diamond Painting Easy Whim

(Did you know, many passionate Diamond Painters refer to the rhinestones / diamonds as "Drills"! Just in case you have ever wondered what that word means)

Square Diamonds

Diamond Painting Square Diamonds Easy Whim

Square Diamonds are favored by many for the technical challenge they provide, as Square Diamonds placed perfectly straight with their grooves aligned which can result in greater detail and accuracy in the final picture.

​The flip side is Square Diamonds that are not placed in perfectly straight lines with groove alignment, can result in a finished picture that has less detail and looks “messy”.

​Tip: Many painters use a ruler that they then paste against, to ensure a straight line as they work.

Check the below summary for even more detail to help you choose the right Diamond Shape for you.

Diamond Painting Square vs Round Comparison

And remember, you can order any Diamond Painting on our site and select the Diamond Shape that's just right for you.

Diamond Painting Shape Selector Easy Whim