Crafts provide a great escape from the bad news and anxiety that the last year has brought to all of us. The positive impact on mental health has been proven many times, doing something creative that we enjoy and that we can focus on helps us to relax and focus our attention away from our current difficulties. 

Let's take a moment to see how crafts can make a difference to our wellbeing.


Staying at home every hour of the day is hard enough, even more, if you have nothing to occupy your time with. The greatest thing about arts & crafts is that it’s a hobby you can work on for months, if not years and that you can always do from the comfort of your home.

Instead of scrolling through social media feeds that make us feel doomed, we can opt for spending some time offline, dedicating it to something that makes us happy.


One of the hardest things about this period in time was getting used to such a huge change to our routines. Our brains thrive by having things to accomplish and staying active, and crafts can be a great way to pass the time while feeling stimulated. Every time we complete a project and get the sudden rush of the feel-good hormone ‘dopamine’ our mood instantly improves, and it motivates us to keep progressing in our crafts and to have goals to work towards.

Many of us have seen this time as an opportunity to really sharpen our crafting skills, or maybe learn something new. The possibilities are endless and the internet offers a world of ideas for crafting projects to try out.


Every craft you can think of has a passionate community of people looking to share their progress & tips, discuss tools, and meet others who love their hobby in the same way as you do. Many new friendships started out with a few comments on a Facebook post or a reply in a forum. Finding a group of like-minded people with whom you can discuss what you love, rather than what’s happening in the world, has been a great distraction and opportunity to socialize and meet new people.

Crafts can bring us together no matter what. Even if all interactions happen online, they still allow us to connect with people anywhere in the world through this mutual interest.


Ready to spread some of your love for a craft like diamond painting by starting a new project? We have numerous kits for you to try out, why not have fun, lessen your anxiety, and give you the rewarding feeling of accomplishment whenever you complete them. Find a new fun distraction today!