If you're reading this blog then you probably already know that Diamond Paintings make great gifts for loved ones, nothing shows affection and thoughtfulness more than something you have made yourself! 

We’re recognizing “Christmas in July” this month, the midyear reminder that kindness and generosity are worth practicing all year, and not just that one special day in December!

What a great opportunity to show those you care about how special they are with sweet gifts they’ll always remember...Expressing how much you appreciate someone can be difficult to put in words, even a bit awkward if you’re not someone who’s big on talking!

That’s why gifts are so popular, be they big or small gestures they symbolize that affection.  As a Diamond Painting fan you’re very fortunate and spoilt for choice! You don’t even need to “go all out” with expensive presents!But what can you do if you would like to use your Diamond Painting skills for a thoughtful gift but are unsure if your intended recipient can or wants to hang a painting on their wall? Or what if the painting you poured hours and hours of time and buckets of love into just doesn't match their existing Decor?

There’s now a world of Diamond Painting alternatives that go beyond the “Wall Canvas” that are just as shiny, shimmering and special as Diamond Paintings, making them perfect gift ideas for everyone and anyone! 

DIY 5D Light Diamond Ornaments

If your intended gift recipient loves pretty designs but doesn't have a lot of wall space to hang a Diamond Painting then these Diamond Painting Ornaments (with lights!) are a great alternative. They are smaller and can easily be placed anywhere in the house, decorating mantelpieces, bedside tables and more from the moment they arrive in their new home.

Unleash your creativity just as you normally would and gift your friends and family a little special something that will always remind them of you!

Plus, if you want your gift to be truly special why not include your family and kids in the gifts creation? These projects are suitable for Diamond Painters of all ages and skill levels.  

5D Diamond Key Ring Collection

Your diamond painting gift doesn’t have to stay at home, gift something that nearly everyone uses on a daily basis! Keys have never looked prettier than when they're accompanied by these Diamond Painting Keyrings.

These Keyrings can also be used to embellish backpacks and purses! A simple yet unique gift that can go anywhere and as they come in packs with several designs, why not work on multiple little presents at once and make them for your entire family! 

With over 25 different packs now available each featuring multiple designs there is a style for everyone, and since they are double sided, they are guaranteed to shine at all times! 

DIY Diamond Painting Greeting Cards

Avoid boring and impersonal greeting cards! Now you can offer your Birthday, Christmas & Thanksgiving greetings with colorful diamonds! 

Coming in cute and playful designs which are oozing with color and charm these Diamond Painting Greeting Cards are sure to have their 

recipient smiling as soon as they see them. 

Buck the trend of sending emails and mass produced cards from “that card company”... be the one amongst  your friends and family who goes the extra mile, sending out handmade greeting cards!

Just select the occasion, card design and start crafting! Like all our kits everything you need is included, even the envelopes! Just don't forget to add your personal greeting and kind words inside 😉

When talking about generosity, we really cannot think of anything better than a special gift made with love and a whole lot of shiny diamonds!