Do You LOATHE Trying To Organize Your Diamond Painting Supplies? It’s Time To Fall In Love With These Super Storage Solutions!

We’re celebrating the Month of Love here at Easy Whim, and we’ve been thinking about how love can get a little MESSY sometimes. Think about it - when you love something, it fills up lots of space in your heart…

But if you love crafts, they fill up space in your heart AND your house!

If you’re a diamond painting fanatic, you already know the struggle of keeping all of those gems neatly organized. Without a great storage system, they can easily take over your craft room, dining room table, random drawers….until you notice that you’re spending more time diamond HUNTING than diamond painting! What is a crafter to do?

No need to fear, dear diamond painters, because today we’re featuring our two favorite gem storage solutions that take the chaos out of your craft supplies!

The Professional Storage Box: For The Pro Diamond Painter With LOTS Of Projects

Square drills, round drills, bedazzled gemstones...there’s so many exciting styles of diamond painting projects to enjoy, and you have them all! If you’re a pro diamond painter who likes to work on multiple projects at a time, all of those gems can get out of control. With so many different drill colors, shapes and styles in your collection, you need a storage system that can stand up to your diamond painting passion!

Our Professional Storage Box is perfect solution for organizing lots of diamonds in a compact amount of space. Each handled, snap-open case holds SIXTY-FOUR individual containers. These tic-tac style boxes dispense drills perfectly (no mess!) and the lids snap tight and secure.

Whether you’re a beginner or a full-fledged diamond painting fanatic, the Professional Storage Box is the best all-around value. Choose between 64 count, 192 count and 448 count sets to match your storage needs. And the more gems you need to store, the more you save!


The Perfect Storage Box: The Ultimate Solution For Diamond Painters On-The-Go

Can’t bear to leave your diamond paintings behind when you travel? Love taking your projects to craft meet-ups and other creative social events? If you love diamond painting anywhere and everywhere, our Perfect Storage Box is made for you!

This stylish case is the total package - lightweight, compact, sturdy, and spacious. The pouch on the case’s exterior is the perfect size for holding all of your favorite accessories - including your light pad, pens, trays, and rollers. The textured grip handle makes carrying a breeze, and the customizable zipper color adds a splash of your own unique style.

The inside of the Perfect Storage Box was built to handle travel. The 60 diamond containers are nested in display case quality foam, keeping them secure on-the-move. Plus, the containers’ premium twist-off cap design means no big messes if you accidentally drop or bump them. Because let’s face it - we can all be a little clumsy sometimes!

Your love for diamond painting doesn’t have to be messy and complicated. With our expert storage solutions, you can spend less time rummaging through your craft supplies and more time doing what you love - creating sparkling works of art! ;)

Which storage system will YOU fall in love with? 

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