National Craft Month is well underway, and we’ve been celebrating the spirit of diehard crafters everywhere. You see, we know you love crafting...for better *and* for worse.

Because let’s face it...creative time isn’t always sunshine and rainbows.

Sometimes, craft time doesn’t go exactly as planned - and in an instant, things get MESSY...

Today, we’re talking about the DREADED DRILL DROP! The crazy, sparkly disaster every diamond painter has faced. But, as frustrating as these “Whoopsies!” moments can be, one thing is for certain - you can’t help but look back and laugh about them later!

We asked our customers to share their silliest diamond painting “Whoopsy!” moments, and the responses we received are sure to put a smile on your face!

Our first story comes from Sharon Grant, who wrote us...

“After dropping a tray of drills on my tiled dining room floor, I went to get my dustpan and brush from the cleaning cupboard...but before I could get to them, my mischievous young dog Archie decided to walk all over them! Not only did he walk over them, but he also thought he would help me by licking them up!

Next minute he was running around with drills stuck to his tongue, which I then spent AGES trying to remove from his mouth and paws. Luckily, he didn’t appear to have swallowed any, but I did have to chase him like crazy to try to clean him up. And for days after I still found the odd drill on him!”

Guilty Parties - Drill Disasters

When it comes to making big messes even MESSIER, no one does it better than a curious, mischievous pet! Not surprisingly, a large portion of the “whoopsies!” stories we received involved curious cats and playful pups that couldn’t help but get their paws in the diamond painting action. I don’t know about you, but we couldn’t help but laugh while imagining Sharon chasing her diamond-dazzled dog all over the house!

The takeaway lesson? If your drills take a spill, secure any pets or small children away from the scene before grabbing for the dustpan. It’ll keep the mess contained, and the drills from being mistaken for shiny snacks!

Our next story comes from Chauncee Bushnell, who had a very outrageous tale to tell…

“I purchased 6 diamond art kits, rather large ones at that. I have 4 cats and had to put them away quickly in the move of life, so without thinking I put the canvasses under the mattress and the diamonds in the oven (I know...stupid right?). Well a couple days later some family came over for a walk to the park and after, in a hurry to make dinner, I preheated the oven without thinking.

Five minutes later I smell burning plastic... Lo and behold my diamond art beads were preheating with the oven! I have 300+ dollars of diamond art beads in a beautiful, colorful melted mess! Ugh! I will never do that again! Now I check the oven before pre-heating every time!” 

Whoopsy!Have you ever heard the phrase, If your drills can’t take the heat, get them out of the kitchen? We didn’t either...until we read Chauncee’s story, that is! We love the tale she sent in, because of all the “whoopsy!” moments a diamond painter could have, hers is truly one-in-a-million. 

It just goes to show that, no matter how experienced of a crafter you are, you can still do silly things in a moment of mindlessness. The results of these “brain blunders” are enough to make you GROAN, but one thing can’t be denied...the resulting stories are undeniably memorable!

The moral of Chauncee’s silly story? Always have a dedicated place to store your craft supplies if you need to put them away in a hurry - and make sure that dedicated place isn’t the oven, microwave, or grill! 😆

Are you prone to “Whoopsy!” moments?

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