The Magical Merging of Craft Time and Friendship!

The Month of Love isn’t over yet, and we’re squeezing every last warm and fuzzy feeling we can out of February!  Today we’re back with our favorite “diamond painting love stories” sent in by our favorite people...our customers!

This week we hand selected tales that showcase the magic that happens when craft time meets friendship. Like all great things in life, we believe that diamond painting is best when shared ...and these two stories prove it!

Our first heartwarming story comes from Hope Behrend, who wrote us...

“I have health issues that limited what crafts I could do, so I started getting into a deep depression and had no hope. On top of everything, one of my cats got deathly ill and vets didn't know what was wrong with her. While I was searching for answers online, an ad popped up about diamond painting. I got interested and ordered one. When it arrived, I was in the pits of depression and wasn't even going to see if I could do it. My sick kitty (Koy) came and laid on me and nudged the painting towards me, so I opened it and started. I have now found a craft I love and can do even with my health issues. Koy laid on me every time I worked on it and miraculously she got better! Vets said it was quality time and love that made her better!

I have made friends through DP groups and my depression has gone away and my health has started improving all since I started diamond painting! I want to thank you for helping me and Koy get through the toughest of times and helping to meet new people through diamond painting!”

What we love about Hope’s story:

What a miraculous story! It seems like magic that Hope’s furry friend could benefit from quality craft time...but is the power of love really magic, or something else? Believe it or not, the therapeutic power of friendship and love are actually backed by science! Studies on friendship have proven that strong social ties have the power to improve our mental, emotional, and physical health. Spending time with those we care about (whether human or animal) reduces our stress levels, lowers blood pressure, increases feelings of happiness and self-confidence, and can even boost our immune systems.

Even Kim’s vet recognized how warm, loving quality time had a positive impact on her ill cat’s health! That’s what we call science with a side of magic...

We also love how diamond painting helped Kim not only enjoy more quality time with her furry friends, build also more friendships in the crafting community.

Easy Whim’s online facebook group of thousands of passionate diamond painters is the perfect place to share your masterpieces, exchange tips and tricks, exchange kind words, and discover new friendships!

Now, for another lovely story sent in from Kim Schutte....

“In my younger days, I enjoyed doing counted cross stitch. Getting older, my eyesight is not what it used to be and I lost the pleasure of making gifts for folks. Then along came a facebook ad on diamond painting. I retired in 2018 and was figuring out what my weeks and months would hold. I renewed a friendship from my younger days and introduced her to cross-stitch. Upon finding diamond painting, I knew it would be something she would like too. So, my first order was for 2 of the same snowman pictures; one for me and one to give to her.

She fell in love with the craft and we both completed our first picture and proceeded to buy more. It has drawn us together again and we constantly chat on our progress and send pictures back and forth on our progress. She even converted a friend to the craft! It gives me hours of fun and relaxation and a reconnection with an old friend!”

What we love about Kim’s story:

Doesn’t Kim’s story make you feel all warm and fuzzy? She tells a tale that is common to many of our customers - the struggle of having to let go of a favorite hobby due to physical or health issues. And we know that parting with a beloved craft pastime can be like losing a dear friend! Luckily, the accessibility of diamond painting allowed Kim (and many of our customers) fall in love with crafts all over again - no matter their age or physical ability!

Even more heartwarming is how diamond painting played a special role in Kim reconnecting with an old friend. What started out as a thoughtful gift blossomed into a shared passion that she and her friends could enjoy together.

Just as Kim lovingly noted, the hours of fun and relaxation that diamond painting bring to time with friends is a gift in and of itself. After all, what could be better than enjoying the hobby you love with the people you love?

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