Diamond painting is one of the most enjoyable and accessible crafts in the world. It allows people of all ages to experience the joy of creating something beautiful - even if they have physical and health issues that make it difficult (or even impossible) to do other types of crafts.

The power of “creative time” on our wellbeing is truly amazing - we really do believe that art has the power to heal! Today we’re bringing you two incredibly powerful stories from our customers about how diamond painting has helped them rediscover their sense of wellness, happiness and belonging despite the challenges of illness and disability.

Robin Johnston wrote us,

“I am retired and disabled. I have several things going on including PTSD and rarely go out. I can no longer do some of my hobbies due to age/disability. I loved doing cross stitch but that was no longer an option.

One day I saw an ad for Diamond Painting. It sparked my interest and I found out as much as I could about this new hobby. Wow - it was exciting to learn not only could I do all of this but there is SO MUCH to choose from. I love it. It’s easy, fun, and what I do is beautiful. Each one comes out amazing. The shine, colors, and variety. I am so thankful at the low cost and the fact each one comes complete.

This hobby helps me to relax, takes away my stress, and helps me cope with being home all the time. I also love seeing how other people’s DPs turned out! I have recommended this hobby to so many friends and family. Being a widow I have lots of time on my hands, and this is one way I can do something that I love and be proud to show off. They also make great gifts. I want to say thank you so much for this hobby that makes me so happy!”

What we love about Robin’s story:

Disability can be very challenging, especially when it limits a person’s ability to get out of the house. We love that diamond painting gave Robin a fun, relaxing, low-cost activity to help her cope with being home all the time. Whether a person is retired, disabled, or limited by illness, diamond painting provides hours of entertainment, stress-relief, joy, and a sense of pride!

Being unable to leave home much can also create social limitations for people like Robin. Did you know that people who participate in the arts are less likely to experience feelings of loneliness and isolation? That’s because the global arts and crafts community is massive; there are people all over the world connecting, sharing, and bonding through their passion for art! By joining Easy Whim’s online community of diamond painters, Robin was able to connect with thousands of people that share her passion...without having to leave the comfort of her home!

The Easy Whim Facebook group gives diamond painters like Robin the ability to proudly show off their finished masterpieces, see what others have made, and share tips, tricks, and experiences. What a wonderful way to enjoy a greater sense of community!

Now, let’s hear from another one of our amazing customers, Jean MacDonald...

“In 2014, I was taken ill - I spent 9 weeks in hospital, had major surgery and nearly died. Not long after that, I needed more surgery, experienced a coma, had yet ANOTHER surgery...and then my kidneys failed, requiring me to go on dialysis.

After so many health struggles, I was very weak and had lost interest in my hobbies.

Then, I discovered diamond painting and fell in love with it! I don't need to be strong, I don't need to be creative, I just need to pick nice designs and put diamonds on the canvas. This is wonderful! This Christmas I was even able to give two completed paintings to loved ones - like the old days!

Since discovering diamond painting, I once again have an interest to talk about and share, and a reason to get up in the morning! It has literally brought me back from almost losing interest in living! Thank you so much Easy Whim! You are the best. Keep the designs coming!”


What we love about Jean’s story:

Illness can take a huge toll on not only the body, but on the spirit as well. We were incredibly touched to hear that diamond painting was able to renew Jean’s excitement for life - that it gave her spirit the boost needed to cope with her ongoing health struggles. When we feel positivity, enjoyment, and interest in life, we have greater internal strength to push through life’s hard moments!

We also love how Jean’s story illustrates how discovering a hobby can open up a new world of social pleasures. Her passion for diamond painting gave her “an interest to talk about”, allowing for more enjoyable conversations with her friends and family.

Gift giving is another wonderful form of social interaction that diamond painting helped Jean to rediscover. It can be both saddening and frustrating when health issues limit a person’s ability to create gifts for the people they care about.

Diamond painting allowed Jean to once again have the satisfaction of gifting her handmade treasures - a gift in and of itself!

The final thing we love about Jean’s story? She challenged us to “keep the designs coming!”...and we listened!

We went to work curating LOTS of exciting new designs so that our customers never run out of ways to find their happy place.

Check out the fresh new design collection we just released for 2019 below!

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