The Power of Gifts

When you think of Valentine’s Day, what kind of images are conjured up in your mind? Candy hearts, roses, carefully decorated cards exchanged between schoolmates? If there’s one common thread among these heartfelt traditions, it’s showing our favorite people that we love them through little, thoughtful gifts!

In celebration of the Month of Love, we’re sharing our favorite “Diamond Painting Love Stories” sent in by our customers. The tales featured today were chosen because they capture the big, blissful feelings that happen when diamond paintings meet heartfelt gift giving!

Let’s get the warm and fuzzy feelings started with this lovely story sent in from Joni Phillips...

“When I found out about diamond painting, I really wanted to try it. Once I did, I was hooked...but where to put my paintings? I raised my daughter alone from age 10 when my beloved husband of 18 years passed away. She grew into a wonderful woman with a great husband and 2 beautiful kids. I decided to make the kids each a DP based on what they love. It took me almost 6 months to finish Purple Unicorn and Cars for them.

My daughter wanted me to be able to see their reaction, so for my present, they flew me from Arizona to Colorado to be there on the big day. My daughter helped them unwrap them on Christmas morning. My granddaughter was ecstatic! When she heard that I had made it myself, she just couldn't believe it. My grandson was also thrilled. Because of the reaction, I decided right then that I would be making all of my friends and family diamond paintings based on what they love. I'm waiting for a family picture to have my first custom painting made, to give to my wonderful kids on their anniversary.”

What we love about Joni’s story:

Seeing a loved one’s reaction to a handmade gift does something magical for us, not only in our hearts, but in our brains! Science has shown that the act of giving creates a very special biological response in the gift giver. When Joni saw her grandchildren’s faces light up, she experienced a surge of good feelings created by hormones like dopamine (the HAPPY hormone) and oxytocin (the snuggly bonding hormone).

As we see in Joni’s story, the act of giving made her want to create even more beautiful diamond paintings for her loved ones. That’s because our bodies actually reward us with feelings of joy and closeness when we are generous - a gift in and of itself! Who knew diamond painting could be the gateway to growing our generosity? We think that’s a beautiful thing - and we know that Joni’s family will be feeling the love every time they look at those glittering masterpieces, too. We love that her grandchildren will have a sparkling reminder of her affection with them, even though she lives far away - such a sweet token of love!

For our next heartwarming story, Lana Baker wrote us...

“I have always done some kind of crafts. Mostly when I first married, to decorate my new home. As times got better I settled down to making jewelry - I seem to have a knack for color and different textures. I made most of my friends and family happy with handmade gifts during the holidays. But, after I retired, I was looking for something new and interesting.

When I came across your diamond painting ad, the color and pictures were beautiful. My son just got married, so I took a picture of the new family, sent it in, and made it made into a custom diamond painting. My family was so happy when they saw it! So much that I have not been able to keep any that I have done! But that’s ok, as I am making friends and family very happy while doing what I like!”

What we love about Lana’s story:

Did you notice how Lana also experienced the “growing generosity” effect? It truly is amazing how thoughtfulness grows! We also love how Lana’s story highlights the BIG SPLASH a custom gift can make. What could be exciting than receiving the gift of a family photo brought to life with thousands of tiny, glittering gems? Custom diamond paintings make wonderful family treasures to be proudly displayed and cherished for generations. No wonder Lana hasn’t been able to hold onto any of her finished projects!

Whether it’s for a holiday, anniversary, or “just because”, giving the gift of handmade crafts is a surefire way to light up smiles and warm hearts. And, as we learned from reading Joni and Lana’s stories, we receive just as many soul-nurturing benefits from giving as we do from receiving! That’s what we call a heartwarming win-win!

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