National Craft Month is coming to a close...but the fun isn’t over yet!

We’re back for one more round of giggle and cringe-worthy “Whoopsy!” moments sent in by our favorite dedicated diamond painters. Let’s see what kind of crafty calamities our friends have gotten into today, shall we? 

Today’s first diamond painting disaster comes to us from Roxanne Hylton, who wrote us...

It's Sticky! Diamond Painting Wax

“My first DP was sent to me by a friend, and the canvas she gave me came without instructions. It was easy to figure out - the pen was for transferring the diamonds and the tray was for holding them. I thought the little pink square was cute but had no clue what it was. I got SO frustrated because every diamond I picked up just fell.

Trying to pick the diamonds up, I knocked over the ENTIRE TRAY. I was fed up and threw the tray, canvas and diamonds in a bag and said “never again!” About a month later, I found my first instruction video and felt like a complete idiot! Now that I understood “the pink square” is wax, I finally finished that canvas and fell in love with the art.”

Stories like Roxanne’s are the reason why every Easy Whim diamond painting kit comes complete with detailed instructions! It’s amazing how one “little pink square” can make or break a novice diamond painter’s experience with the craft.

We were glad to read that Roxanne was finally able to fall in love with diamond painting after she serendipitously discovered her error online.

The moral of Roxanne’s story? When trying any new craft, remember to read those instructions or find some on the web! Online crafting communities, like Easy Whim’s Facebook group for diamond painters, can be a fun and interactive way to learn (and share!) helpful tips and tricks.

Who knows...maybe you can save another novice diamond painter from the trickery of the mysterious pink square!

Next up, we have a “furry and frightening” story sent in by Kimmie Woodward...

“I recently started diamond painting, and I had struggled to find a system that worked for me efficiently. So I bought a little rolling cart and I sit it beside me with all my supplies neatly separated. However, while trying to finish a painting at 2am, my cats decide they were ready to play and proceed to tear through the house. I wasn’t paying attention because I wanted to finish until....they decided to run right up on my cart and all the different colors flew EVERYWHERE!

The cats started playing with the fallen drills while I was trying to find as many as I can. I finally gave up, vacuumed the diamonds, and tossed it all in the trash. It's quite amusing now that I think of it but was not at the time. Now I make sure I keep the lids on the drill containers, and YES, it has happened since then but they didn't scatter.”

Kitty Diamond Paints Easy WhimWe love Kimmie’s story because... it confirms something we’ve always suspected...that pets enjoy painting with diamonds just as much as humans! It’s too bad that the “masterpieces” our pets make tend to involve lots of sweeping, vacuuming, and frustration for us.

Luckily, if YOUR pet decides that it wants to paint with diamonds and leaves you with too few drills to complete your canvas - we’ve got you covered. Easy Whim carries spare drills in every color and shape your could possibly need!

Kimmie also gave a great tip in her “whoopsy” story - make sure you keep your container lids securely closed when not in use. Like she said, well-secured storage container lids can withstand a fall without dropping diamonds everywhere. We like to call it “whoopsy insurance!” 

Speaking of “whoopsy insurance”…

You can keep your craft time cool and collected with our diamond painting storage solutions, designed with drop-resistant lids and cases for even the clumsiest crafter.


Already had a spill? Don’t forget to check out our full line of spare drills so you can get that canvas covered!