There is no better feeling of accomplishment than finally completing your diamond painting. After hours, days or even weeks, you are ready to admire your masterpiece and hang it proudly somewhere in your home. That feeling, though, wears off quite quickly and as Diamond Painting is so enjoyable and addictive, you’re probably already thinking about your next project!

This might be the right time for you to tackle your largest diamond painting to date. The kind that you’ve thought to be too daunting for you to ever try but that you still want to complete one day. Working on a large diamond painting does take time and a lot of patience, but gives you the biggest feeling of accomplishment. Alongside making a fantastic final piece to decorate your home or surprise a loved one with.

Whether you’re feeling 100% ready to delve into this challenge or are still a little hesitant, we wanted to list a few tips that can help you keep going no matter what. We are sure that you can reach the finish line so carry on reading and then grab your new diamond painting project and get started! 


You might have not put much thought into this if you never worked on a project long enough, but figuring out what crafting pace works best for you and maintaining some consistency can be hugely helpful when working on a larger piece. You might be a one-person machine that likes to get it all done in one go or maybe you prefer to divide the work over different days and times of the day. Whether it's what you love the most to do over the weekend or something you do a little of every evening before bed, figure out how you like to craft and make it a regular activity.  


See what other crafters are doing, either in our Facebook Group or in person, and use it as a motivation to keep going. If you ever feel demoralized during your crafting process, don’t be afraid to talk with fellow crafters and get their encouragement. Everyone has been through it and even the most impressive of diamond painters started out from the bottom, don't feel discouraged if you see others getting their work done so quickly. Everyone has a different pace. 


Diamond painting definitely requires a lot of patience so it’s totally understandable if some days you just don’t have enough of it to work hard on your piece. Consistency is important but so is your enjoyment, and by forcing yourself to craft when you’re just not feeling it only risks to turn it into a chore. Have a walk, read a book, make yourself a cup of tea… and when you feel ready, get back to it with fresh eyes and a rested mind.  


The time you dedicate to crafts should be one where you relax and only need to focus on your one task. Work emails, phone calls, social media and anything else that gets in the way of that, should be placed on hold. Whether you use one of those apps that restrict your access to social media or simply leave your phone in another room, try it to fully enjoy and focus on what you are doing at that moment. If you need something extra to keep yourself entertained, try with some music or listen to a podcast, anything that can make your experience more enjoyable without bringing the focus away from the painting.


Give yourself an extra boost of motivation by taking a few moments to admire how far you’ve gone and how much you have left. If you’re entering your third or fourth hour working on something it might feel like you’re going nowhere, so it’s always good to remember that you have indeed made huge progress! Before you sat down and focused on that painting, all you had was just a blank space. Be proud of how far you’ve gone and use it to keep working.


Various studies have proven that giving yourself a treat in-between working on something helps boost self-control. And why not? You’ve definitely earned it. You could even turn these treats into little goals, for example, tell yourself that once you have completed that complex section of the painting you can treat yourself to a nice cup of tea, coffee or small chocolate. This way, when you are working on that section and you feel like it’s too hard, you can remind yourself that once you’re done you get a lovely treat.


Your worst enemy in crafts is perfectionism. You could lose precious hours worrying about the fact that one of the gems you placed on the painting isn’t perfectly aligned to the others. But what does that solve? Nothing. It may not be absolutely perfect but that’s never the goal. You can still reach that finish line and enjoy the final result. Move your focus to that rather than every little mistake you have made along the way.


Is it a special gift for a loved one? A personal challenge to see how far you can go with a diamond painting? Whatever is your reason to get started, keep it in mind when you encounter your first hurdles. Remind yourself of how happy you or the person who will receive it will be once you are done. If that’s not a reason to keep going we’re not sure what could be!


Worried about feeling too lonely while you are working on your enormous diamond painting? Then that’s the best opportunity for you to get family or friends involved. They could either work on another crafting project alongside you or help you out with the painting itself. It’d be an excellent chance to both feel less lonely and also spend some fun time with those who are close to you.


It’s not all about the end goal! If you’re really not enjoying your crafting process then you’re more likely to eventually give up on it. Besides all the points we have listed above, the main reason you should want to keep working on your painting is because you love doing it. The best way for you to keep motivated all the way through it is to have fun. You may not enjoy every single minute of it, but it should leave you wanting to make more because the whole experience was enjoyable.


We hope that you found these tips helpful and that they get you motivated to start your large diamond painting. However it goes, remember that practice makes perfect and that the most important thing for you is to keep enjoying the craft. Have fun!