It’s the New Year again...the time of making new, healthy resolutions. For many Easy Whim customers, spending more time enjoying their favorite hobby is high on their list of 2019 to-do’s.

That’s why we’re featuring our A4 Light Board: The ultimate craft accessory that makes diamond painting more ergonomic and enjoyable!

The secret to comfortable diamond painting marathons is great lighting - and that’s just what our A4 Light Board delivers. The ultra-thin yet sturdy LED pad illuminates the canvas from the back, creating superior visibility and definition.

A quick tap of the button adjusts the brightness to your preferred level...and weighing in at a mere 11 ounces (0.3kg), you can easily bring perfect lighting with you anywhere you go!

These fantastic design features are only the tip of the iceberg.

Read on to discover how our A4 Light Board can help you clock more diamond painting hours with maximum comfort...

1.Bye Bye, Tired Eyes!

There’s nothing worse than having to cut your diamond painting session short because of tired, sore eyes! Regular ambient light - like from a fixture, lamp, or window - tend to be diffuse and directional. This causes glare, shadows from your own hand, and for the small symbols of your diamond painting to look dull and washed-out. These poor-visibility factors force your eyes to work overtime, leading to uncomfortable eye strain.

Our light board eliminates glare, and destroys shadows and makes symbols and colors POP off the canvas. No more straining to see clearly or dealing with uncomfortable eye fatigue!

2. Posture Perfection.

Poor lighting during craft time does more than tax your eyes. Did you know that it can also take a serious toll on your neck, shoulders, and back, too? Think about it - when you’re struggling to see something clearly, what do you do? Lean in closer, of course!

The human head weighs around 10 pounds (4.5kg) much as a bowling ball!

When you lean in close to see better, your neck, shoulders, and back work overtime to stabilize your head. This can lead to neck pain, headaches, and knots in the shoulders and back.

We believe that craft time should be about relaxation and comfort, NOT aches and pains! Back-lighting your work with a light board enables you to maintain better posture and diamond paint more comfortably - and for longer!

3. Great Light, ANYWHERE!

Whether you’re taking your diamond paintings on vacation, to a friend’s house or for a crafting meet-up, you can’t always guarantee that there will be great lighting at your destination. Nothing puts a damper on social craft time like struggling to get adequate light on your work space. 

Forget the squinting, frustration, and hassle! Bringing along a light board guarantees that you’ll have the high-quality lighting you need to make craft time comfortable and carefree. Our board’s slim, lightweight design makes it the perfect carry-along companion for diamond painting on-the-go.

It’s time to leave pesky craft time discomforts behind with 2018. Order your A4 Light Board today and diamond paint with maximum comfort, convenience, and style this year!