You are probably reading this blog because you heard so much about diamond painting from friends or family. Perhaps, you've seen some posts about this craft on social media. The pictures of the finished paintings that your loved ones have shared with you look so beautiful and captivating, but you have no idea how the diamond painting was created or what this new craft trend is about.

That’s exactly why we have created this blog - to give you a complete introduction to diamond painting. We will explain a bit about the background into this trendy craft and explain how a diamond painting is created from scratch.

What is a Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting is a popular craft that started out in Asia and is  gaining rapid popularity amongst art and craft enthusiasts and professionals  around the world. The goal of this fun hobby is to create pictures of all kinds out of a multitude of small rhinestones. Anyone can create a beautiful Diamond Painting (DP). All that is required  to get started is a complete DP kit - which contains the rhinestone gems, a canvas with a picture of your choice and adhesive to attach the stones to the picture. Of course  you'll need some dedicated craft time to relax and create something to cherish forever.

All About The Beautiful Diamonds

What we call diamonds are the small gems or rhinestones. These make up most, if not the entire painting in this craft. These essential pieces are made out of resin, which are available in almost any colour you can think of. These diamonds are tiny measuring  2.5x2.5mm.

 The diamonds are usually  round or square shaped.  A DP artist will develop a strong preference to working with either a round or a square diamond, as they progress with this hobby. The round diamonds are less bright than the square diamonds, however they are easier for beginners. This is because the round diamonds don't require absolute precision of being placed in straight lines. The square diamonds are popular amongst seasoned Diamond Painters, as they  re-create a picture to perfection. Pictures created with square diamonds are generally brighter than those created with round diamonds.

 Diamonds are also available in 3D and 5D. These numbers indicate the amount of facets or edges the diamonds have on each side. This means, a 3D diamond has  9 sides  while a 5D has 15 in total. So a 5D diamond would be shinier than a 3D diamond.

You might be wondering if diamonds ever get misplaced - they are tiny afterall; the answer is Yes.....  Crafters misplace diamonds every now and then, but don't worry..... contact EasyWhim and we can help you replace missing diamonds. Some of our kits come with spare diamonds for each colour, so no stress if you misplace a few :). 

How to create your Diamond Paintings

To get started with diamond painting the first decision you’ll have to make is the size canvas you wish to work with. As a beginner, you’d probably find it much easier to take on a smaller project, where you can quickly learn the basics of this craft and experience the satisfaction of admiring your completed little painting. For your  future projects, 

though, you can take on more ambitious sizes and complex pictures. 

Our bigger canvases come with a lot of detail and intricate patterns which will provide you a good challenge, hours of relaxing entertainment and your very own masterpiece at the end of it!

One thing is for sure; when you start creating more and more diamond paintings you’ll never have to worry  finding a design you'd like to create. There are plenty of diamond painting kits that allow you to re-create all kinds of pictures and images. You can even upload your own photo and have it turned into your next craft project! So that next time you are stuck wondering what would make a great special present, you know exactly what to do.

If you are not sure if you can commit to a whole diamond painting, why not try a partial drill canvas? Unlike a full drill canvas which is entirely made of diamonds, a partial one is a printed image with small highlighted areas to insert diamonds. A lot of diamond painting crafters have started their journey on partial drill canvas and are now creating complex and amazing Diamond Paintings.

Once you have picked your favorite diamond painting kit and have it right in front of you it’s time to get the creativity flowing! You could be wondering how to figure out which diamond goes where on the canvas? If you watch the canvas closely, you’ll see that every square has a symbol or a number. This indicates which diamond goes where. As a beginner you will take time to figure out the sequences.... but be patient and get it right. As you become more familiar with the craft you'll be getting the diamonds into their squares in no time....and yes, you will be hooked into it :)

Diamonds are attached to the canvas using adhesive. The kit normally comes with adhesive applied to the canvas. You will receive a 'setting tool' or your 'paintbrush', which allows you to pick one diamond at a time and fix it to the squares on the canvas. 

The best thing about Diamond painting is that you can do it anywhere and at anytime you feel like it. Materials in the kit are small enough to be tucked away or carried around with you. This means you can have your DP kit anytime and create your paintings as and when you feel like it!


Go on.....Treat Yourself... 

Whether you’ve read this article because you are thinking about starting out or have already  diamond painting for a while and wanted to find out more about it, we hope this blog has been insightful. Treat yourself and  take on a creative project now..... Choose from a variety of images of different sizes, have a browse at what we can offer you.