Diamond painting is an excellent craft to choose as a hobby, whether it’s to relax after a long day at work or to simply express your creativity during your free time. There are hundreds of diamond painting images available for you to re-create, offered in different sizes and with differently shaped diamonds. Choosing what should be your next project can be a lot harder than it seems at first, especially since you know how long you’ll be spending working on it! 

There is nothing worse than getting halfway into a diamond painting only to become more aware of how little you enjoy the image you chose. To avoid this, we have listed a few tips that can help you get inspired. Whether you aren’t sure between one image or the other or if you’re completely clueless about your next painting, we aim to help you decide and get you closer to starting the actual crafting process. 


Before you do anything, it’s important that you settle on the size you want your painting to be. Smaller works are best suited for beginners but also offer fewer details, while the larger ones give you plenty to work on but might be too overwhelming for someone who is just starting out. It also depends on what you want to make, whether it’s a shiny birthday card you want to gift to a loved one or a large painting you aim to hang in your living room. Make of this the first thing you decide so that you can already reduce the mountain of options to choose from. 


Part of the above point includes judging what level of complexity you can face depending on your experience with diamond painting. As much as it might be tempting to go head first into working on a huge piece, if you have no prior experience you are more likely to make mistakes and get frustrated at your canvas rather than enjoy the process. There is no rush, try it out with a few smaller works first and soon enough you’ll be ready to create your own masterpiece to decorate your home. 

If you’re already an expert, then maybe consider giving yourself a more complex challenge so that you can continue to find it enjoyable as you learn more about your craft. 


Once you have a better idea of your level of expertise and size of the painting, it’s time to think about the diamonds you’ll be working with. There are two types of drills (round and square) that present different characteristics. Round ones can be shinier than square ones due to having more facets and are generally a favorite of beginners since they are easier to pick up and apply. At the same time, they leave more gaps between one diamond and the other, while the square ones tend to fit perfectly alongside the other (hence why they are a better choice for larger paintings). Study the two different options, see what might work best for your type of painting and based on that make your choice of tools.


If you’re an intermediate or expert diamond painter, then you might be interested in turning one of your favorite photos into a shiny masterpiece. This would make the perfect gift for family and friends, or simply be a more original way to hang one of your beloved pictures. To do so, it’s important that you choose only large and high-quality images. Zoom in on every detail to make sure that the final result will be as high-res as possible, otherwise anything that is blurry will clearly show up once it turns into a diamond painting. Additionally, consider the clarity of colors in the photo you choose so that once you get to work, you’ll only have bright basic colors to work with instead of different dark shades that might ruin the final painting.


Whether it’s a small piece or a large canvas, you’ll still be spending quite some time starting at those diamonds and the image you are aiming to re-create. As such, it would be awfully tiring if the picture you have chosen to work on is not something you enjoy staring at for longer than a few minutes. You have hundreds of designs available you can choose from so make your choice count. Whether it’s one perfect for a specific holiday, a beautiful landscape, a cute animal or anything else. Look for something you know you’ll enjoy working on and go for it!


Is it anyone’s birthday pretty soon? Or is there any special occasion your friends or family are about to celebrate? If so, it’d be a great chance to show off your diamond painting skills by creating a shiny greetings card you can gift to them. These canvases are quite small and give you the opportunity to both practice your painting abilities and also work in batches. Next Christmas, you could prepare one for every person who celebrates it or you could start giving one out for every birthday. They make a great alternative to standard paper greetings cards and are also much more fun to make.


If you plan to start diamond painting to relax after a stressful day, make sure you choose a soothing composition to work on. A beautiful landscape that perfectly conveys calm combined with relaxing music could be the perfect way for you to leave the stress of your long day behind and focus on your craft. In the same way, if you know that the image you have chosen might stress you out due to its complexity, try doing something else first and build up to that image, so that when you work on it, it won’t feel as complex.


If instead of making just one diamond painting, you’re thinking of creating a little series to gift, consider what theme you are choosing. You can easily find Christmas themed diamond paintings, romantic ones, etc. that match your requirements. Even if you are planning to make just one, you can use the idea of the theme you want to re-create to more easily select the image you will work on. For example, if your friend is about to get married and you want to gift them a diamond painting to celebrate their love, search for the most romantic of diamond paintings. Sometimes this might be an easier way to choose than to simply search for generic landscape or portrait ones.


Another thing to consider when choosing a new diamond painting project is if you are going to work on it with someone else or by yourself. Not only that means that you need to look for an image that both you and the other person enjoy, but that you should also keep in mind their level of experience in diamond painting. If you do this craft as a way to have fun with your kids, then partial diamond paintings might be a best option to at least get started. In a similar way, if the person you are going to craft with is a beginner, choosing a complicated large painting might make the experience less fun for them.Diamond painting is a great hobby to share with others but it does mean that you need to consider other people’s opinions before choosing an image.


The best way to tackle a new diamond painting project also includes some early planning in what you’ll be doing with it once it’s complete. Do you want to frame it? Gift it? Take this into consideration when you are choosing the size and design. If you are working on a quite small painting, you might not be able to frame it the way you want to, while if you are making a large one to gift, you should consider if the receiver would be fine with such a large painting in their home. Once you know what you’re going to do at the end, you can get started with more confidence.


We hope that the above tips have helped you get a clearer idea of what should be your next diamond painting project. If you’re still unsure, have a look at what other crafters are doing and get inspired by their work. There is nothing better than being part of a creative community that inspires each other and works together to keep improving. Have fun!