3D Smart Pen™

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A World Of Creations At Your Fingertips!

Learn about Spacial Awareness and enhance your creative skills. 

Draw vertically. Draw horizontally. Lift your imagination off the page! The 3D Smart Pen™ extrudes heated plastic (PLA) which instantly hardens, allowing to draw in 3D, freehand or on paper. 

If You Can Think it, You Can Create it! 

3D Smart Pen™ is a great outlet for developing artistic skills, spatial thinking and imaginations. The printing temperature and speed are easily adjustable so you're in full control of your creation.

Unlike other 3D Pens, 3D Smart Pen™ doesn't release fumes and uses pure organic PLA filaments which are made from sugarcane and cornstarch, making it 100% safe for children 5+.

Insert the colour that you like the most and let your imagination run wild with 3D Smart Pen™. 

9 meters (29ft) of PLA Filament are included to get you started straight away. Change colors quickly and easily create your 3D art!

Draw, create and construct 3D shapes with the exclusive and original 3D Smart Pen™!

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3D Smart Pen™

(Includes 9 Meters of PLA Filament in Assorted Colors)

$84.99 USD$42.99 USD

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For A Limited Time Each Pack Includes: 

  • 1x 3D Smart Pen™ 

  • 9mt (29ft) PLA Organic Filament (3 Colors)

  • 2x Paper Models

  • Pen Holder

  • Copy Board

  • Power Adapter (Select Your Country Plug)

  • User Manual

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