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How do I earn money as an Easy Whim Ambassador?

Sign Up

Sign up to our Ambassador Program you'll be given your own referral link and discount code to share with your community and followers.


Promote our products on your social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) or on your blog or website.

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Whenever someone makes a purchase through your link, we will pay you a sales commission directly via PayPal. Commissions are paid monthly for orders that have reached 30 days without cancellation or refund.

How should I share my code?

Share your code on your homepage, add it as a graphic to your content, share it on videos or pictures while you're making, unboxing or reviewing the craft items - anything you can think of! 

The more you share your special code along with your content, the more profits you'll receive and the more your followers will save.

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Joining is 100% Free, Easy and Rewarding

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Everyone loves seeing a success story like this one.

We reached out to Joshua who ran a blog where he shared crafts and reviews spreading his love of crafts around the world.

Joshua became an Ambassador with us and using his content to share his unique code he drove business to our website and in doing so monetized his content and grew his business. 

Joshua has earnt $5000 from February-August 2021!

You can also see these results for yourself by promoting your unique code and becoming an Easy Whim Ambassador! 

Joining is 100% Free, Easy and Rewarding


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