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Marble Run - DIY 4D Mechanized Creations

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Create the Coolest Masterpiece EVER!

      Enjoy creating your 4D wooden puzzle designed for DIY model enthusiasts of all ages. 

     Each masterpiece is gear driven, making it a cool ornamental decoration while
inspiring pride and igniting imaginations through it's mechanical movements...  Just crank the lever and watch as the marbles run! 

   The Handcrafted Marble Run- 3D Wooden Puzzle is available in 4 amazing designs. Choose the design which best suits your level of DIY Model expertise or just get them all and be the ultimate marble coaster engineer ever!


High-Quality Material and Perfect Detail - This is a precision engineered DIY kit. This mechanical wooden puzzle uses lasers to cut the high quality plywood into exact component pieces. Prior to cutting the plywood is smoothed to ensure friction-less operation of your Marble Run coaster! 

Realistic design and Amazing Charm - Like a real roller coaster the Marble Run Mechanical Masterpiece is full of surprises. Featuring elegant and mathematically calculated tracks for smooth marble motion!

Educational Toy and Fantastic Game - Marble Run is a fantastic educational model that provides hours of DIY fun while combining basic learning skills with coordination and organizational skill. 

Ideal Gift and Fine Ornament - This is an amazing gift for any occasion, providing hours of hands-on creativity and a long lasting, mechanical ornament. 

Creative Design - Each set is precision engineered, more than a puzzle this DIY kit is a Mechanical Masterpiece! Assembled without the need for glue or chemicals, there's no need to worry about mess or spills! 

Can Last a Lifetime - Operates without batteries, using kinetic energy though winding of the gears using premium long lasting plywood.

Mind Blowing - Great brain teaser that demands attention and looks great as an interactive ornament in any room in your home or office. 

A Masterpiece - You'll feel incredibly great after you've accomplished the Marble Run! Especially when you collected all 4 designs and created the biggest Marble Run ever! 

Each kit comes with everything you need to create your Masterpiece


Grab Yours At 50% Off For A Limited Time Only!

Marble Run - DIY Mechanized Creations

$139.99 USD$64.99 USD

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Each Pack Includes: 

  • 227x Laser Cut Plywood Pieces

  • 10x Steel Balls

  • 1x Instruction Manual

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