The perfect Crafting Companions to make Diamond Painting even better!

Ever admired how some Crafters can apply Diamonds with such perfection, achieving those satisfying straight lines in all of their paintings? 

You can do the same with your creations! Enjoy taking up challenges without bumping into errors that make you throw your hands up in despair (and drills all over the floor!)...

Discover these great tools which help you create even more beautiful paintings. 

Whether you are a beginner struggling to keep your hands steady when applying Diamonds or an experienced Crafter looking to take your Diamond Painting to the next level, these tools are the solution for you!

Diamond Drill Funnel

A convenient silicone funnel that allows you to store all your diamonds into their respective containers, quickly and with no spill

This product works beautifully with our perfect storage box and professional storage boxes as well! 

After the first time you use it, you’ll be wondering how you’ve gone so long without one! 

Plus, it’s collapsible and so occupies very little space when stored away, keeping your creative zone tidy.

Smart Wheel Kit

Ever wondered how the diamonds in certain paintings look so satisfyingly straight and consistent?

That’s something you too can easily achieve thanks to the Smart Wheel Kit. 

Everything you need to smoothly and accurately place your diamonds, following the pattern of your choice. The included tray is extra large so you can easily pick up the diamonds, while the wheels allow you to work with precision, using the adhesive tape roll that is included. 

The Smart Wheel kit comes with three different wheel sizes: 5cm, 4cm and 3cmChoose the one right for you depending on the size of the canvas you are working on!

Create your next masterpiece with the precision you've always dreamed of, by placing your Diamonds in a single roll!

Diamond Aligner

This straightener is designed to help you by easily separate, align and keep the Diamonds straight while you create. With this tool you can achieve the painting you had in mind with less fuss! 

Say goodbye to broken formations or messy glue buildup, this diamond aligner is here to help you solve these problems. 

Simply hold the aligner, place it on the plane you want to align and keep holding it while you complete your painting.

Precision has never been easier to achieve!

Chessboard Technique

Have you discovered the Chessboard Technique? This approach to Diamond Painting encourages you to “mix it up” by tackling segments of each color rather than doing a whole section at once. 

Following the Chessboard Technique can help make your painting more fun and relaxing, rather than feeling obliged to complete a whole BORING black #310 area..

Use our new Chessboard Ruler and make the Chessboard Technique even more interactive! 

Thanks to its straight edge, you can align the Diamonds easily and with precision. Enjoy seeing all of your Diamonds come together through this pattern, eventually showing off the beautiful painting you have been working on.

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