Club Member Exclusive

Your Craft Time is valuable and we know for many Club Members their Club Membership & Easy Whim purchases are a large investment of their time and money, an investment made because like us they love Diamond Painting and Craft Time.

We also know that sometimes "life happens" and accidental damage and loss can ruin your precious kit and enjoyment of craft time... 

We've got good news for all Club Members! We have their backs when things go wrong. 

In the unfortunate event of loss or damage leaving a kit unusable, we'll send a replacement for the lost or damaged component, for example additional Diamond Drills or a newly printed Canvas FREE... if the entire kit is no longer usable, we'll send an entirely new one! 

And even better... "Whoopsy Insurance" applies to all your Club Box projects & ANY Easy Whim product purchased while you are a Club Member!


  • Insurance applies to all included items in your Monthly Club Box
  • Insurance applies to all Easy Whim orders made AFTER you become a Club Member, purchases made prior to becoming a Club Member are unable to be covered
  • Insurance remains active during a "Skipped Membership Month" 
  • Insurance ends upon Club Membership Cancellation 
  • We reserve the right to determine whether a full or partial replacement is sent, for example we may opt to send only missing drills or a reprinted canvas, where the other components are still usable 
  • The Club Member needs to request their Whoopsy Insurance replacement by submitting our replacement request form (Coming Soon, please contact us until the form is available)